Monday, August 23, 2010

my mum...

I have the best mum in the world and in space (when Hannah was younger she made my mum a card that said she was the best grandma in the world and in space, it has now become a regular term of endearment in our family) and for as long as I can remember my mum has spun and knitted... when I was obsessed with all things American in my mid teens she knitted me an American flag jumper, leg warmers in the 80's... etc, and  has knitted both of my children all the jerseys, slippers, scarfs, hats, and beanies etc... they could ever need.  Everyone in our family is always cosy for winter. 

 (Batman Ben wearing an alpaca beanie)

She has sourced all the fleece from around New Zealand and spins it herself on her Majacraft spinning wheel.   She knits at the speed of light and can whip up a pair of slippers in a night... just like that!  (sadly, this is a skill I did not inherit, a scarf is my limit... in time for the following winter).

This weekend she decided to open a Felt shop (New Zealand equivalent to Etsy).  She will start by selling her slippers in 4 different natural wool colours (size 6 months to 18 months) and 2 colours in super soft alpaca especially for new born to 6 months.   Both of my children have grown up wearing these slippers and they are the only ones that have stayed on their feet!

(Ben wearing some of his snugly slippers)

So if you have a little one in your life that needs some practical, snugly, hard wearing slippers take a look at my mum's shop on Felt... you will be pleased you did.


Mel @ Wildflower said...

Brilliant! Your mum's slippers look so snuggly and natural :)

chrissy said...

your "mum"
{i LOVE we say boring ol mOm}
has the best slippers in the world
cutest little model as well.
now...let me think of some little feet who will need warming this winter?????


softearthart said...

My your Mother is clever, lovely slippers, cheers Marie