Thursday, September 18, 2008

There's a dream still in my heart

I did a bit of shopping the other day and found these cute little doilies stickers... you can just see one in the top left hand corner of this piece. I also found this new paper called cherish, it's just so beautiful, it has all the colours I love, swirls and heart shapes (hearts are very important to me, I had a heart attack about 10 years ago. There was an extra bit on my heart and I had to have an operation to fix it).

I used to have hearts in my work all the time, they were the final important part to a piece of work, but I have noticed lately that I've not been using them so much? This one above is the first in a long time.

I got the piece of work featured in the magazine from the framers yesterday, it looks really good, the Gilded Leaf always do a wonderful job. I will take a digi pic of it this weekend and post it here on monday.

This whole making art thing is such a roller coaster of a ride, lots of ups and downs all within a few hours, and sometimes minutes. One stroke of the brush can change everything. I really do feel that my daily mood depends on what is happening with my art work. I am not sure whether that is a bad thing or not? I guess it is just the way it is as it is a part of me and who I am. It is what truly makes me happy, it is my bliss. I couldn't imagine not ever being on that roller coaster.


matirose said...

congratulations on the magazine!
LOVEd your comments... totally same boat on the "artist" bit!
and your paintings are so, so good!
thank you for sharing :)))

Megan Chapman said...

Wow.. I just read this...

"one stroke of the brush can change everything".. I swear sometimes artists share one mind...:)

Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Congrats on your image being used in the magazine.. Looks great!

ruthie said...

hello Catherine, came across you on russet's blog, and so glad i did. I love your work! and Yes, that mood/art work thing rings so true, and that roller coaster ride is one i never want to get off either. Congrats on the magazine article. *ruthie*

jenica said...

this is a great post. i'm feeling the ride and joy of the rollercoaster, along with the scary drops and jolts.

congrats on the magazine and competition. your work is wonderful