Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swirly trio

A lovely day today, nice and warm... spring is on it's way.Last night I did these on three little mdf boards with my new swirly stamp. Stuart said it looked like his Grandmothers wallpaper. I am taking that as a compliment even though I don't think it was meant to be (I might have over done the stamping a wee bit)? I have really been enjoying Kelly Rae's book "taking flight" it is a wonderful resource of ideas that you can adapt and apply to what you already know.

I am feeling a kind of anxious energy at the moment as far as my art is concerned. The changes I wanted and have talked about in previous posts are slowly starting to happen. It is all very exciting but I am anxious about leaving my printing inks behind... A few years ago I hated acrylics, they were so frustrating!!! But now I am able to get them to behave and work the way I need, to do the things the inks did but 7 times faster. I see all sorts of possibilities opening up before me, and that in itself is making me a little anxious too.

I am looking forward to going to Wellington tomorrow. I have decided to take the day off work and have a nice restful morning before I get picked up just after lunch. I am not really sure what we are going to see and do but whatever it is I am in!!!


Russet said...

Love your girls...surprise surprise their eyes are opening and they are looking happier and younger....

So much fun reading about how you are finding the acrylics compared to the inks and that recognition of the changes are happening even when we are not aware of them but are thinking and stressing about the changes instead.

Can't wait to hear how your trip to wellington goes. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

And thankyou so much for you comments are my blog about being on the yummy.

gryphon said...

Love that stamp you've used. I don't think it's too much at all. You've kept it quite subdued in the background so it doesn't over power at all. Have a great weekend in Wellington.

carine b. said...

Wonderful...I'm feeling very close to you,like you, acrylic is new for me and I didn't appreciate it at the beginning but I change my point of view.Like you I want to change my art,not completly but I really need to make new things and I feel it come slowly but safely.Ok I really love your work and i would like to borrow a picture for showing on my blog.Did you authorized me to do that?If you aren't ok I will understand.Thank you and happy creation!!!!

tangled sky studio said...

what's old can be new again...these look amazing. the color is gorgeous and the background adds just enough to balance the girls.

thaís said...

I am here in Brazil. Before a day with work and spanish classes , i am very happy and i am glad with your peintures"! thanks!