Tuesday, September 9, 2008

two by two

I started these a while ago and did a bit more on them last night... I had lots of fun and found the acrylic was so easy to work with, it dries fast and if you don't like a bit (if your fast) you can just rub it off. It is forgiving to a certain extent and you can add lots of mediums to create different effects. One thing I have found, is that varnish should really be the final layer. Paint doesn't sit on top very well once it has dried, although it's not impossible.

I have found that my family have been more helpful lately as far as my paintings are concerned. They are giving me their opinions on what they think and advise on changes I should try . Whereas in the past they would say it looks ok and that would be it.

This one has too much of a contrast between the hair and the rest of the painting... (this was Hannah's observation) I have lightened it a bit but think it may need more.

This one has an Autumn feel about it, with the colours and the falling leaves... I think the hair colour is better in this one as the dresses are of a similar tone.

There is a third one which I am going to attack tonight, it has more blue, grey, green tones so will be interesting to see what happens with that.

I am trying to loosen up a little, not be so tight and neat with my work. I think the acrylic lends itself to that as you have to work faster before the paint dries and there is not enough time to be too anal about it.


Russet said...

What interesting observations about the speed of drying and how it affects your work in terms of neatness etc, I didn't realise you thought that.....love that the family is more supportive of your work. What a good teacher you must be to have them become so informed about what it is that makes something work. I'm impressed...

Michele Maule said...

Most of my family isn't really sure how to read my work :)I don't think they really get it, but that's ok.
I use to be really afraid of critiquing my boyfriend's work...he's a painter. But now I just say whatever I feel, and I think he actually really appreciates it!

Acrylic paint has never been my strong point. I used it for a long time, then decided to try oils. Oils take so much longer to dry, but I love how you can really blend and mix colors with them.

Your new work looks lovely. I really love your palette!

carine b. said...

I love your work and discovered new painting really enjoyed my inspiration...thank you for all!