Monday, September 15, 2008

32 good things...

(view from the car coming home from Wellington)

32 good things and a funny taste

we had such a lovely time
none of us wanted to come back
the weather was just gorgeous
good company, really good company
so much laughing and giggling
23 toilet stops
lots of walking... good for the heart
but not so good for the feet
we went to 5 galleries
and 59 shops
Iko Iko was the best
creative ideas were flowing
ate amazing food at amazing places
my favourite was monsoon poon
we drank vodka and cocktails
hair brained schemes were thought up
we saw a play at the Circa theatre
it was called 'some girls'
it was about a boy
I love Wellington at night
I don't love Wellington's water
we talked
then went to bed
woke up and talked some more
I snored (apparently)... but just softly
we visited an old friend
a rainbow followed us down to Wellington
we thought it was a sign so bought a lotto ticket
we had wonderful ideas of what we would do with
14 million
we didn't win the big one
but we won a bonus ticket for next week
I got confused about the Royal family


tangled sky studio said...

it sounds like you had a perfectly imperfect weekend full of friendship and small joys...what a treat!

Russet said...

a delicious blog..and what a treat to have time away with fellow artists....

gryphon said...

I'm jealous! Sounds great. Just the sort of weekend away you have with friends. Glad you got the opportunity to get away and enjoy yourself.